Motivate yourself with baby steps

Sometimes when we’re in a rut, it’s easy to feel defeated and it may feel nearly impossible to motivate yourself to do something. I know I’ve been there before, sitting on the couch thinking it felt like work to even stand up. I knew I couldn’t sit there forever and that I had to get started on something eventually. I would recall my mother telling me “Energy begets energy”, and once I began moving I always realized she was right!
If you’re struggling to get motivated, try the following:

1.) Be positive.
Look at the bright side of things! Is the sun shining? AWESOME!  Do you have someone who loves you? Even better!  There are always good things around us, sometimes it just takes a moment to identify a few. 

2.) Have fun
If you have a task that seems mundane, find a way to make it fun. Can you write that report in the beauty and peace of the outdoors? WONDERFUL! Would some upbeat music make taking down the wallpaper more enjoyable? ABSOLUTELY, so put it on. Dance if you have to. Be silly, be free, enjoy yourself!

2.) Get moving.
Stand up. Go for a walk. If you can put one foot in from of the other, you’ve accomplished this already! Once you’re out the door you’ll find that you already feel better, and you’ll probably make it all the way around the block. 

4.) Appreciate yourself
Remember to give yourself a pat on the back for what you accomplished. If it was challenging for you to get started, recognize that you did it and how great you feel that it’s done.



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