Why it’s good to shut your mouth

Hmmm… I ran across this quote and found it a great reminder for myself, that sometimes more can be taken away from a conversation when I’ve said less.  We’re all guilty of it from time to time, we get into a conversation with a friend or colleague and we yap so much that we don’t actually hear what the other has to say. Or, if we keep our mouths shut, we don’t quiet our minds, causing us to become disengaged.

Actively listening to others is a surefire way to build rapport, show empathy, and increase understanding between individuals.  Being conscious and mindful of each interaction you have with others can help you deepen your relationships, which is well worth it. Focus and engage with the individual you are speaking with. This helps them feel like you care and are interested in what they have to say. After all, what’s the point of faking it and living with one foot in the water. We only live once and life doesn’t give us second chances.




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